Looking for end-users

Magnifying glass

Getting insights into your ideas and product from the intended end-user is crucial. We worked in cocreation with older users in previous projects, but we again want to be in close contact. Therefore, we are creating a sounding board (in all three countries) for small scale discussion. If you are interested in being involved, contact […]

Introducing Buddy

Buddy Robot

Buddy is a robotic device with an engaging personality facilitated by its unique face visible on the screen. With its many sensors it can sense its surroundings and communicate with people. To get an idea of how Buddy can be welcomed in someone’s home, see this video:https://youtu.be/8Pa8HZGm_J4?feature=shared

Project kick-off


We are very excited to start our project. We had a nice kick-off with around 10-15 people that will work on the project gathering online from France, Austria, and the Netherlands. On this website we will keep potential participants, collaborators and other interested parties updated on some of the things we are working on. If […]

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